In the chemical industry, different fluids need to be heated or cooled depending on the process in which the fluid is used. In order to achieve efficient supply as well as efficient transport of the process fluid, it is necessary to have a heat exchanger in the system that would maintain the fluid at the required temperature in order to carry out the process in the industry.

These important devices enable the transfer of heat between fluids allowing for temperature regulation and energy conservation. Whether its distillation, evaporation, chemical reactions or cooling processes heat exchangers find applications across operations in the industry. By reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity they make a contribution, to cost effective chemical production.

Our plate and shell heat exchangers are engineered to withstand harsh chemical reactions, enabling the most critical and demanding processes to be completed safely and efficiently. One of the great advantages, in addition to being custom made, is the possibility to make them from different materials which is crucial point especially in the chemical industry, where many acid fluids are present.