Plate & Shell heat exchangers

Plate and shell heat exchangers represents the ideal combination of plate heat exchanger and shell&tube heat exchangers. They combine the best feature of both: efficiency of plate heat exchangers and safety of shell&tube heat exchangers.

The inner plate are welded together eliminating gaskets, so this type of exchanger can work with temperatures from  -200 ˚C up to 500 ˚C. These exchangers are manufactured in capacities up to 100.000 kW and working pressures up to 200 bar. Their efficiencies is very high, up to 95%.

They can be used in district heating systems most often as primary heat exchanger. Since it is possible to clean one side of exchanger very easy, therefore this type of exchanger is often used as heat exchanger in systems of large boiler plants which serve to protect the boiler from impurities that can reach from the heating pipelines. They are also used as condensers, evaporators and with in systems for heating and cooling the oil. More and more, this type of heat exchanger is used in function economizer and recuperator for waste heat gases.

This type of exchanger is ideal solution for systems where there are large and asymmetric flows of working fluids.

Main advanteges of plate and shell heat exchangers

Plate pack

Plate pack is the core and main component of PSHE. It is assembled from inner plates, which are welded together and give strong and safety construction. Size, deep of plate, number of passes number of plates, type of construction of plate pack are selected custom for each task.

Working principe of PSHE

TypePlate diameter (mm)Thicnkes of plates (mm)Area per plate (m²)Plate side nozzle, DEShell size nozzle, DNMaximum number of plates
P 1001200,8-1,20,0172525-80100
P 2001900,8-1,20,0282525-250180
P 3503200,7-1,50,0795025-300400
P 5004540,7-1,50,168025-350600
P 6005620,7-1,50,2610025-500600
P 7507400,8-1,50,4315025-500800
P 10009800,8-1,50,7320025-7001000

Plate materials

Flow directors / stoppers

Shell materials

Example of Plate and Shell marking:

P 1000 – 170 H 1-1 1R FW – Model of plate and shell heat exchanger

P 1000 – type of plate and shell heat exchanger

170 – number of inner plates

1-1 – number of passes (one pass on both sides)

1R – number of plate packs

FW – fully welded model